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September 20-21,2023
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Are you an options trader seeking a proven method to capitalize on the latest trend in the market?
Short-Duration Options Volume Has More Than Doubled Since 2021
Over the last 5 months, a small group of traders discovered profitable tactics using zero and one days-to-expiration (0- and 1-DTE) options trades.

These trades are no different than any other options trade except for the time value remaining in the option.

And on certain stocks, ETFs and Index ETFs, we've discovered - and have proven - that it's possible to leverage short-duration options for rapid profits.
This means there is now more premium available closer to expiration than most options traders have experienced in the past. It also explains why time decay on some stocks, ETFs and Index ETFs can take longer to occur for options sellers. Higher demand creates higher premiums, even with options contracts with 1 to 2 days until expiration.
We Put Real Money On The Line
10 Trades, 9 Wins, $941 Profit in Just 2 Days
The July 2023 Millionaire's Trading Club Live Trading Event hosted by David Durham, Chris Davis and Jeff Wood, used short-duration options tactics with a group of 20 traders to prove it's possible to get daily cash.

Over the two days, the group made a total of 10 trades. 3 Additional trades did not execute. Of the 10 trades entered, all of which were traded in a real money account, the group had 9 winning trades and 1 loss. We traded between 2 and 3 contracts per trade, using total capital for the two days (not each day) of $26,544 with total profit of $941 or a 3.5% return on max capital for the two-day period.
We've Been Trading Short-Duration Options All Summer: $6,819 In Total Profit
We began trading Short-Duration Options in May 2023, after we discovered the emergence of this trend in options trading. In that time, we've accrued total income of $6,819 across 32 trades, excluding the July 2023 event I just shared with you.

35 Trades
32 Wins, 3 Losses (91.4% win rate)
Average Capital per Trade: $2,586
Average Contracts per Trade: 2-3
Average Profit per Trade: $213.09
Average Return on Risk: 9.2%

The key to this strategy is to use it to supplement your current trading. Note in the track records below on any given day the highest number of trades we made was three and on most days it was one or two trades. As well, by limiting the risk capital, we limit the overall risk to our portfolio but we do not limit our potential to take rapid profits.

You'll also see in most cases that we're trading the indices: RUT, SPX, QQQ which have more than enough premium, liquidity and volume to accommodate our trades.

All results shared below are NET of fees/commissions, so you're looking at the true profit from each trade and each month.
May 2023: $2,352 Profit
In the first month of testing short-duration options, we probably went a little overboard, especially heading into the Memorial Day Weekend. At the same time, what this shows you -- across all four months -- is that you can be as conservative or aggressive as you want to be with this approach.
June 2023: $1,804 Profit
During the month of June, we also held a live trading event (June 5-6) where we added $490 in additional income, trading short-duration options. I have not included those trades in the results below, but our actual net profit for the month was $2,294.

What we learned from that event is that the better days to trade short-duration options are Wednesday - Friday. The event traded on a Monday/Tuesday and while we were profitable, it was much harder to manage direction. By trading a Wednesday/Thursday, we were much more consistent in our results.

All of the June trades were made on a Thursday and closed either the same day, or by Noon the next day.
July 2023: $1,123 Profit
A quick note about July: remember that during this month we held the Millionaire's Trading Club Live Event (July 19-20, a Wednesday/Thursday). Trades listed below are in addition to those results, which means for the full month of July, we accrued profits of $1123 + $941 = $2,064

Note again we adhered to trading on Thursdays during this month.
August 2023: $1,172 Profit
During the month of August, we made fewer trades as we were also holding our Income Madness live event. We were more opportunistic in this month and again stuck to our focus on Thursdays (except for the 8/18 trade, which was a Friday).

So even in a month where we made just 4 trades, our per trade profit was higher than the months where we made more trades. That's what I mean by being opportunistic.
September 2023: $368 Profit
Ahead of the Labor Day holiday, we've made one trade so far in September, with additional trades planned in the upcoming weeks. Turned out to be a pretty good trade, too.
Get Daily Income from Options
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The live trading workshop runs from 10am - 2pm each day, Wednesday and Thursday, September 20-21. You are not trading "all hour, every hour." Here's how the workshop runs:

  • We meet at the top of each hour.
  • Assess trade opportunities or open positions
  • Explain and show how to construct the trade
  • Execute the trade together

Then, we break until the next hour and repeat the process. This means you can come and go during the live trading workshop webinar as often as you need. Just be online with us at the top of each hour!
September 20-21,2023
2-Day Live Trading Workshop
Goal: Collect $1,000 in Cash in Just Two Days
Reserve Your Ticket for Just: $297
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