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This Proven Options Strategy

Puts Cash In Your Pocket Every Friday

Hello, this is John Hutchinson with Traders Reserve

If you're an investor who wants:
  • Consistent income - even weekly income - from your portfolio
  • Faster growth of your portfolio, so you can actually retire one day
  • A strategy to finally succeed with options
  • Or, a simple way to put more cash in your portfolio every week...
I’m going to share with you a proven strategy that you can use to pay yourself extra income every single week, by selling weekly options.

Now, I did say options and I know most people cringe or scream when they hear options. But don’t run off thinking “Oh no, I’ve lost money with options before…”Because you’re not alone – most people have traded options as ‘buyers’ not as ‘sellers’

And those options buyers do lose money … 80% of the time, actually.
But think about that for a moment – if the option buyer is losing money, who is making money?

The option seller is, right.

No matter what your experience level with options – even none at all – nothing prevents you from being the options seller.

Now more than ever, selling options for consistent income, specifically weekly options, is a viable and safe way to put cash in your pocket or in your portfolio
And when you learn our simple repeatable strategy, you’ll enjoy the thrill of adding extra weekly income every Friday


It’s kind of like writing yourself an extra weekly paycheck… every week of the year…without an alarm clock, rush hour traffic or the daily stress of a job 
 We’ve developed a simple-to-follow, low-risk, high-reward trading plan that can: 
  •  Restore your retirement dreams and protect your precious portfolio
  • Put hundreds to thousands of dollars in cash in your pocket every single week
  • End income frustration and turn your dreams into reality
  • Literally, create cash income every week that you can use for any purpose

Best of all, this strategy takes less than 30 minutes per week 
People who follow our simple, low-risk weekly options income strategy can average a minimum of $250 per week in additional income with a minimum portfolio or trading account of $50,000.  
That’s $13,000 in potential annual income – at a minimum – that you could pay yourself in the next 12 months.   
 You’ll hear from people just like you, who are generating substantially more income than that in just a moment.

Let me share a recent snapshot of weekly income amounts from trades we’ve made selling options: 

That’s a total income of $4,348 in the 3-month period or an average weekly income of $334. At that rate, you’d have a potential annual income from a $50,000 portfolio or trading account of $17,392, which is a 34.7% annual return on your money.

That’s a modest portfolio of $50,000 … larger portfolios could scale those results to $1,002, $2,200, or more in weekly income.

If you don’t know how to make $250 per week selling options, you’ll never know what it takes to make $500, $1,000 or $5,000 or $10,000 per week.
Secret: the process to make $250 per week selling options is EXACTLY THE SAME
as it is to make $500, $1,000, $5,000
or even $10,000 per week...
....And I'll Prove That To You Right Now
The one thing I can tell you for certain is this: you won’t believe what’s possible, until it happens for you. But you can’t believe it’s possible unless you know other people are already getting results, right?

Welcome to our private income investor files: Real people, real results from selling options for consistent income. Their results are their own but provide you with a path to see what’s possible. Not guaranteed. Possible.
Every single person you're about to meet
was precisely where YOU are right now...
Scouring the internet for the right solution to an income problem
Before discovering Traders Reserve and Options Income Weekly, many of them had:
Spent tens of thousands of dollars on options seminars, only to get no results.
Lost money buying options.
Lost money using complicated options strategies.
Lost money following 'social media' traders (YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, Discord).
Lost significant money during dot-com and 2008-09 market crashes.
Imagine What Would Change for YOU
If You Could Get Results Like These...
First up, Meet David “Lone Star” M. (Austin, Texas): 
David “Lone Star” M.
Austin, TX

“I have been able to generate an average of $575 per week, supported by $64,000 in cash, or roughly a 46% annual return.”

At $575 per week, that’s a potential annualized income of $29,900, which, if reinvested, would grow David’s portfolio to $93,900 in a single year.

Imagine if he maintained that pace of growth … he would double his portfolio to over $136,422 in just two years!

Or, if he’s taking that cash as income, that’s still nearly $30,000 in annual income!

Now Meet "Golfer" Jack from Phoenix, Arizona
“Golfer” Jack G.
Phoenix, AZ
 “I started off with $90,000 and over the last 5 months, have grown it to $111,000.”
That’s a $21,000 gain in 5 months, or average weekly income of $1,050.

It’s also a 23.3% return on capital in just 5 months, which means, annualized, he’s actually outperforming David with a potential annualized return of 56%

and a portfolio that’s projected to grow to over $140,400 in just one year (crazy, right?).

But … in just two files, you’ve seen:
  • One investor collecting income of $575 per week; and,
  • A second investor, collecting income of $1,050 per week.

You’ve also seen two different portfolio values: $64,000 and $90,000.
In other words, selling options for income
isn’t ONLY for RICH people.
Let’s peek inside some of the “BIG MONEY” files…
Meet “Tar Heel” Rick from High Point, North Carolina – when he first learned how to sell options for income with us, he started SLOWLY.

In his first six months, he generated $12,500 in income on $50,000 core capital.
Rick's First Year Selling Options with Us
Rick's Second Year Selling Options with Us
The next year, he doubled that income to $25,000 by increasing his capital to $100,000.
Rick's Third Year Selling Options with Us
The next year … would you believe he doubled his income AGAIN? To $50,000 on estimated capital of $200,000.
Note that as he got results, as he gained confidence in the process of selling options for income, he increased the amount of money he was using to generate more income…

In other words: he SCALED UP what he was doing.

And the year after that … In his own words:
“Tar Heel” Rick
High Point, NC

“ …my Schwab Regular Account, “Realized Capital Gains Report” through September is up over $120,000. Last year it was up a little over $50,000 for the whole year so I’m on track to beat my record of doubling my account each year for my first 3 years…”
Rick’s Average Weekly Income Was $3,076
That’s $120,000 income on a $400,000 portfolio.
as you can see, each year his average weekly income increased from $480 to over $3,000.
Rick's Fourth Year Selling Options with Us
Again, this is what’s possible.
Here are two more big wins from Options Income Weekly members:
“Terrapin” Chris D.
Bethesda, MD

“Just broke a long-standing monthly income record. The previous record was $15,553 for 1 month but that was with really high risk .... Today closes out 4 weeks of trading for a $16,866 profit using much less risk.”
Bill “New York, New York” G.
New York, NY

I will net over $30,000 this month! After commissions and before taxes.
Yes, that’s $16,000 in one month, or $4,000 per week averaged.

That $30,000 would be average weekly income of $7,500. What could YOU do if you could reach income levels like that?
Do you see what’s happening? Investors of different experience levels, and different portfolio values get significant results.
“Silver State” Ben
Las Vegas, NV

“I've been trading for 30 years … I used to buy and hold or even use dividend strategies … until the pandemic when I lost 35% of what I earned, what I worked for.... It was like gone … devastating.

(T)his year, I'm projecting to make more than half a million dollars (on a portfolio value of) about $1.4 million.”
That’s a 35.7% annualized return based on Ben’s projections. 35%...exactly what he lost before he discovered us, before he was sitting where you are right now, listening to the same message about selling options to generate weekly income.

And that $500,000 in projected annual income is an average of $9,615 per week.
This means once you know how to make $250 per week selling options, you’ll know what it takes to make $500, $1,000 or $5,000 or $10,000 per week.

Just as each of the income investor files I’ve shared with you proved.

What I’m showing through these investor files is this:

You’ve seen portfolio values ranging from $50,000 to $1.5 Million getting results and heard from people who are thinking long-term because this is a strategy that can GROW with your portfolio.

That leads us to the Light bulb section of this video.

I’ll predict something ridiculous right now: if you watch the next three minutes of this video – you will PAUSE it and walk away and then come back to it and watch it over again…

You’ll be angry because nobody has ever given you the right context for using your portfolio to generate income (actually, you may already be angry)

You’ll be excited, too, because INSTANTLY different ideas will pop into YOUR head about problems you could be solving for yourself, if you only knew HOW…

Which is why you need to get started today with Options Income Weekly.

Get Started With the Weekly Income Plan Today
The Weekly Income Plan provides the training investors need to learn how to sell options for weekly income.

As a member you'll learn the best way to sell options for income with our no fluff, highly-focused training program.

Because you NEVER, EVER know when you’re going to need that income.

Meet Wolverine Jim from Novi, Michigan:
(Trading with us since 2018)

“Wolverine” Jim
Novi, MI

“Here is the most important reason why I'm sending this note. I'm self-employed. With Covid, my business has been "virtually" destroyed.

If I hadn't learned what I did over the last few years, I would be in a world of financial hurt.

I have made more money in the market & options than I could have ever dreamed of ... I am making enough revenue to replace most of the income I was making in my professional career. My wife wants me to retire completely and just trade options for a living!

Thank you so much. May God bless all the members of Traders Reserve.”

That’s Wolverine Jim from Novi, Michigan (hopefully he’s not a Spartan fan)

Do you see what I mean --- you never know when you’re going to need that income. Or how much…

This means every day you DON’T begin using the Weekly Income Plan for consistent income is another day BEHIND you’ll be when:

  • You need more income during retirement
  • You need to grow your retirement portfolio
  • You suffer “forced early retirement” and have NO income stream or your business collapses like Wolverine Jim’s did?
  • You need to buy a new car
  • You need to buy a new home
  • You need to put your children through college (and not saddle them with tens of thousands of dollars in college debt)

Inflation and interest rates are already wrecking your savings, rendering your money worth far less today than it was just five years ago, and costing you more money in the future.

Listen I don’t tell you these stories to brag about us. I tell these stories to brag about them (and I would enjoy being able to brag about YOU one day, too).

And I tell those stories so that you can start to think BIGGER.

Yes, we all need income in retirement. We all need to reach the promised land of a million-dollar portfolio (maybe)…

But if you can think BIGGER than that…what could your money accomplish for you?

Now it’s time to take the first step because, as I told you earlier, every one of the people whose stories or results I’ve shared here was exactly where you are right now.

The only question that matters is: what are you going to do about it?

You can click away from this page and assume we’re just like everyone else on the internet, like Wolverine Jim ALMOST did...

And then I saw an ad from (Traders Reserve), I said, OK another online scam. So I started following all of this, and I said, There’s something to this...”

And then two years later he’s sending us an email that everything he’d learned with us had saved him from a world of financial hurt.

Or Silver State Ben – “(I) was just Googling stuff because I was so angry and I’m like yeah (Traders Reserve) is the same as everyone else …. just want my money.”

That’s Mr. $500,000 in projected annual income...

Exactly where you are today…

What all of these people have in common is they learned the PROCESS to selling options with us to get significant income results, as I’ve shared with you.

You can begin that same journey today.

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