Do You Have What It Takes
To Earn a Six-Figure Income in Retirement?
  Whether you're currently retired, planning to retire, or preparing for future retirement, imagine the independence that comes with knowing how to get maximum income from your portfolio, so you can do whatever you want to do, go wherever you want to go, whenever you choose.

That's what you can achieve as an Income Masters Member.  
"Hard to believe how good this is. I started with $200,000 and now it's $300,000!"

James B., Redding, CA
"My portfolio crossed over $1,000,000 mark during the last 4 months."

George H., Phoenix, AZ
"(M)y "Realized Capital Gains Report" is up over $120,000."

Rick H., N. Carolina

Your Income Masters Membership Includes:

 Weekly Trade Recommendations 
Each week, you'll get 5-10 trade recommendations with complete details so you know exactly how to place the trade for maximum income potential.

Trade recommendations are made Monday through Friday, between 10am and 2pm Eastern Time.

Recommendations are sent via email, text and posted to our Income Masters Community website for easy access.

 Weekly Live Trading Sessions 

You'll also be able to trade with the Income Masters community during live trading sessions. We'll hold 2-3 sessions per week.

Live trading is held on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 12:30pm Eastern Time.

Live trading includes trade execution, special training on new tactics, review of open positions and Q&A time.
 Position and Trade Tracking 
Managing trades and positions is critical to your long-term success as a trader and as an Income Masters member, which is why we keep thorough tracking of all positions - open and closed so you can stay ahead of your trades.
 Email and Text Alerts 
Speed of execution, especially in fast-moving markets, is important so you can get the best premiums from our trades.

We make sure you have multiple ways to access your trade recommendations and trade alerts to ensure you never miss a trade and can execute your trades as quickly as possible.

That's why our communication process includes:
Email Alerts with full instructions sent immediately
Text message alerts (optional)
Trade alerts posted to Income Masters Members Website
Income Masters  Private Community Website 
Your Income Masters Community provides instant access to trade alerts, replays of live trading sessions, access to your calendar of events for Income Masters and a simple way to connect with the Income Masters community.
Immediate Access to Trade Alerts and Updates
Watch Recordings of Live Trading or Training Webinars
Connect With Income Masters Experts and Members
 Income Madness Week Included! 
$1,188 Bonus INCLUDED with Your Membership!
Income Madness is a 6-day live trading event, where we'll trade everyday to hunt for income. Our goal during the event is $1,000 or more in cash income, based on 1 contract per trade (you'll trade more than 1, we bet).

The objective is to teach you how to capture premium (income) faster so you better leverage your portfolio and cash assets to get the most income possible.

Income Madness is included with Income Masters for as long as you remain a member.

     Bonus: Income Madness Week Events
Included With Income Masters Membership
($1,188 Value).    

Live Income Trading:
6 Days, 30 Minutes per Day,
$1,000+ Total Cash Income...
Meet the Income Masters Trading Team
David Durham
With more than 35 years of options trading and investing expertise, David is the originator of the Income Madness Week concept.

He currently leads the Options Income Weekly, Perpetual Income and Income Masters trading services teaching investors how to sell options to generate income.

During Income Madness, you'll learn with Dave as he shows you how to identify the best trade opportunities to generate income in 1 to 3 days and the right way to sell options on those trades so you can get that income!
Emily Norris
With over 19 years of experience managing options trading and investing services, Emily has led Income Masters since 2016.

She is the editor and trading manager for the Options Income Weekly, Perpetual Income and Income Masters trading services.

Emily hosts the live trading sessions, tracks and manages the trade recommendations and keeps you up to date with ongoing alerts for all trade recommendations you'll receive as an Income Masters member.
Get The Help You Need, When You Need It


The one thing you can count on is getting a response whenever you need help or have questions. Help is available by phone, email or through the Income Masters Community.

Tools, Calculators and Guides

You'll also get access to unique tools, calculators and strategy guides to help you put into action what you learn and keep the income momentum going all year long.

Member's Website

Coming Fall 2023: Everything you need is included in your new Income Masters member's website. Access to trade alerts, videos, reports, tracking, and so much more!
You Worked Hard For Your Money...
Income Masters Makes Your Money Work Hard For You.
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