How Fast Could You Make $3,000 Trading Options?
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If you only had 30 minutes per day...
We can do it in just 6 days...

Introducing a unique live trading workshop: Income Madness Week

Income Madness Week is a live trading workshop with a goal of collecting $3,000 (or more) in cash income selling options.

Your seat includes access to all six live trading sessions.  Each trading session runs about 30 minutes.

You'll make 2-3 trades each day, and close the trades typically within 1 to 2 days so you can get income faster.

During the event you should expect to have up to $50,000 in capital available. You may or may not use all of this capital over several days, depending upon how quickly we are able to close trades.

Income Madness Week Teaches You How to Collect Cash Income Faster
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Here's How Income Madness Makes
Over $3,000 in Six Days.
The tables below show you real money trades we've made during our last three Income Madness Week workshops.

Across 57 total trades made, we're averaging income of $181.21 per trade.

The magic is how FAST we're collecting that income.

Note that 1 day means from one day to the next, not the same day (we're not day-trading options here).

At our goal of 16 to 20 trades during any Income Madness Week event that's $2,800 to $3,600 in potential income.

That's how we reach our cash income goal of $3,000 or more during Income Madness Week.

This is what you'll learn how to do when you trade with us during Income Madness Week: collect cash income FASTER.

By increasing the speed at which you collect income, you:
  • Turn your capital over faster, which increases the number of trades you can make.
  • Eliminate the possibility of a trade turning against you.
  • Have flexibility to make more trades per week, which increases your total income.
  • Increase the annual rate of return on your capital.
August 2023 Income Madness Results: $3,221 
20 Trades, 20 Wins in 6 Days
December 2023 Income Madness Results: $3,459 
17 Trades, 17 Wins in 6 Days
February 2024 Income Madness Results: $3,649
20 Trades, 18 Wins in 6 Days
*Some trade(s) remain open from the previous event.
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