Weekly "FAST CASH" Trade
Super simple, repeatable options trade that could put extra cash in your pocket every Friday
Trades are opened on Thursday afternoons ...
... and closed on Friday mornings
If you love to trade options and want a simple, repeatable trade that can put cash in your pocket quickly and consistently, you're going to love this trade.

It's called the SPX1 (sorry for the fancy-pants name)...that stands for the SPX - the S&P 500 Index and 1 as in one-day trade.

This is a trade we make at 3pm Thursday afternoons and close it on Friday mornings. We're in and out, often by the market OPEN on Fridays.

We've been using this trade with real money since May 2023 and in that time, we've collected over $8,805 in total cash income with a 93% win rate.

At 3 contracts per trade, that's average income per trade of $220 (inclusive of losses).
SPX1 Real Money Trade Results
Results through March 7, 2024
Total Trades
Average Capital
Total Income
Win Rate
Return on Capital
SPX1 Real Money Trade Results
Results through March 7, 2024
6 Reasons You'll Enjoy the SPX1 Trade
Why This Trade?

It's simple: we're using a basic Put credit spread, so it isn't a complicated trade.

It's repeatable: we can make this trade almost every Thursday (holidays and down markets are exceptions).

Anyone do it: A single contract requires just $900, so anyone can make this trade.

93% Win Rate: Winners far outpace losers and we keep our losses controlled which make for high profit potential.

200% Return on Capital: Since we're using the same capital per trade and that capital is freed up when we close the trade the next day, the rate of return on our money is huge: over 218% in less than one year.

#1 Reason: It Scales Up
Nothing prevents you from proving this works and then increasing the number of contracts traded to 5, or 10, or 20.
Consistent Performance with Real Money Trades
Our ongoing track record shows you how consistently the SPX1 trade generates income. Over the last 10 months, we've had just 3 losing trades -- and none of those trades wiped out weeks worth of gains.

We are trading 3 contracts per trade (average margin/options buying power of $2,700) and averaging $220 per trade. You can trade more or fewer contracts than we do (even 1 contract is profitable long-term, averaging $74 per trade!).

There are periods when we stood aside, like late September and early October when the S&P 500 was falling every week. This should give you more confidence to test this trade because it is not a mechanical or automated trade.

We set our strikes based on technical and options analysis and select strikes which have a low probability of finishing in-the-money. That probability translates to a higher win rate and consistent profits.

Plus, once our trade executes on a Thursday, we immediately set a good til' canceled exit order. This way, the market will automatically close our trade for us!

The SPX1 trade is FAST, too. Not only is this trade simple, it's easy to follow:
We place our trade on Thursdays by 3pm.
We ALWAYS set a Good Til' Canceled Exit Order.
We close the trade within the first hour of trading on Friday.
We repeat the trade process the next Thursday!
Our Members LOVE Closing Out Winners So Fast!
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 Weekly SPX1 Trade on Thursdays

Each Thursday, we'll trade the SPX with you and provide you with complete details to enter and exit your trade. Trade details also include our "Good til Cancelled" Exit Price so your exit order can be executed automatically, which saves you time!

There will be times throughout the year when we either can't or won't make this trade: holidays or when markets are in a significant decline. This is why we have a 93% win rate with this trade!

 Live Trading Thursdays at 2:45pm EST 

When you join the SPX1 Trading Club, you'll be able to trade live with us every Thursday at 2:45pm Eastern Time.

This way you can learn how we're setting the trade, see actual executions and make YOUR SPX1 trade at the same time as we make ours. You learn by doing, so the best way to learn is to do it with our trading team!

 Instant Trade Alerts (Web, Email and SMS)

Can't make the live trading session? You won't miss out on our weekly SPX 1 Trade! Our new live trading platform provides instant trade alerts - no matter whether you're using laptop, tablet or mobile.

Plus, we send immediate email and SMS alerts so you know that a trade needs to be executed!

Email Support

Have questions? Need help? All you need to do is ask! Our trading team is accessible via email, chat and a private forum to answer your questions or to help you!

Q&A and Live Chat

Our new live trading platform includes a live chat feature and we always leave time to answer questions during our trading sessions.

Private Member's Website

You'll get instant access to our private member's website, too, where you can access all of your alerts, and interact with other SPX1 Club members, too!
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